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Novice III
Status: Delivered

How about a Wish List that is monitored by Visible to see what the biggest requested things are. 

So since we are on the subject (wink wink)...

I'd be willing to pay say $30 for party pay if it included just 2 gig of high speed data before the throttling started.

There see? There's my Wish List item.

Novice III

A wish list is a great idea!! And your wish is top tier-I AGREE!!!

Status changed to: New
Community Manager
Community Manager

@jimjrfl Please use this Idea Exchange to start creating your Wish List. These Ideas and Feedback posts will be monitored to see which we begin investigating further. 

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager
Novice II

Visible could promise a baseline mbps speed lets say 5 mbps at minimum coverage. Not go below those speeds at which service becomes unusable.