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Since the migration to the Verizon Core and the introduction of the eSIM-only iPhone 14, a certain proportion is having difficulty accessing services or transferring from one phone to another. Please provide a feature in the mobile app to transfer from one device to another, regardless of whether it's iPhone or Android, so users do not have to rely on Customer Service to conduct this transaction.


To extend this further, ever since the migration, every so often, there have been some issues where mobile data is capped even on the Visible+ plan, or there is a sudden loss of service. It would be beneficial if users were given the ability to reprovision/refresh the SIM, so the user doesn't have to wait in chat for a long time.


With Visible focusing on being a digital carrier appealing to a technical-savvy customer, it would be wonderful if users also had the tools to fix common issues themselves rather than sitting in a 500-person queue for a customer service representative to resolve the issue. 

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Please see our Visible eSIM App Update