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How about adding tablets? In an ideal world, they’d be half the price of cell phone service. 

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For anyone interested in voting on this initiative or any other ideas please see our new feedback board. Below is an area to vote for tablets from one of our members @HarvestClouds Feedback: How about adding tablets?


I, too, have been asking for a stand alone data plan for tablets for at least eight months.  The more people that express an interest, the more likely we'll get the plan authorized.


Tablet (iPad) support is the only thing keeping my family from switching to Visible. Would love to see this feature.


I joined Visible a few weeks ago and would love to see them offer an add-on for tablets. Ideally keep it all under one plan for simplicity.


What would pricing look like?


Tablet plan could be similar to Apple watch plan, tagged to a primary mobile service. Share the same number. If that is possible for a monthly fee of $5.


Really hope to see this soon.  Thanks Visible!  🙂



Hey I’m a new Visible customer (day 2) and just got my phone and watch activated and would LOVE to pay more to get service on my iPad as well!  Please please please make it happen!


I’m debating joining Visible but the lack of iPad support is what’s holding me back.

Personally I always use my iPad instead of my phone when I’m at a table. It has a bigger screen and everything is 10x easier with the keyboard attached. Heck, I use my iPad more than my iPhone.

I feel like the sense of simplicity can still be preserved with this addition.

There are a lot of users who don’t use iPads, nor want cellular on their tablets anyways, but there are also quite a large amount of users who would want iPad cellular as well that are being missed out here.

The users on this forum are mostly people already using the service; what about the people that aren’t using the service because there’s no tablet plan? 

Don’t mean to be aggressive; just vouching for my user-base as I feel there’s opportunity here (I’m also being a selfishly-motivated UX-researcher). I guess what I’m missing are whether there are major drawbacks to this feature. Someone enlighten me please!

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@deathcamp Verizon's tablet plan is only a valid alternative if you already have service with them. Please see their note about pricing for tablet-only subscribers below:


With an existing smartphone on an Unlimited plan. Plus taxes & fees. Tablet alone: first line on the account is $80. All subsequent lines are $20.


It goes from $20-$30 per month to $80-$90 per month for those people. 


I moved service for my iPhone 14 to Visible last month, then added my Apple Watch.

If the option was available, I would also add my iPad. ( I had previously had all three devices on Sprint, now only my iPad remains with them). My cousin and my brother did the same, and they too would add their iPads. My brother added four phones and four watches. He would also add four iPads as well. I think there is probably a fair demand, but Visible seems to be quiet with a response. Does anyone have any new information?