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One thing that stops me from subscribing to your service is the poor implemention of 2FA. I have been following threads in your forum and other forums where people have complained about not being able to get back into their accounts because the only way to receive this 2FA is through SMS. In the case that they lost their phone or there was some bug that prevented them from activating service, they are caught in a chicken-and-egg issue. Then, they have to contact customer service and go through a grueling process of having 2FA temporarily suspended so that they can work on getting the eSim reactivated.


So, the suggestion is to implement MFA, not just 2FA. Enable users to choose one or more of the following

    1. Authenicator App

    2. Yubiko keys

    3. Email



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Simple email 2FA is sufficient. Hope Visible implements 2FA through email instead of just SMS