Status: Accepted

For change in personal information (address, email address, payment information) send a temporary code to email address registered. This adds another layer of protection from hackers/ scammers.


Also two factor authentication could be included for login in web browser on laptops.

Mobile apps are secure with biometric authentication. So it cannot be accessed without the consent of the account owner in most cases.


Hope Visible takes step in fixing this major vulnerability. Until then 🙂

Novice II

2FA via text message only just locks us out of our accounts.  Two times this year, once for 4 weeks and once for 3+ weeks; text messaging just stopped working on my phone ---- Visible even announced that this problem was occurring and they were going to fix it as soon as possible.  Ok, so what was the problem???

Anyway, during those two periods; I was NOT ABLE TO LOGIN to because I wasn't able to read the security code via text message on my Visible phone... because it wasn't receiving texts.   I was not able to login Visible or one of my credit card accounts during these times.


So, yeah, 2FA but with at least two possible methods not text message only to a usually broken Visible account.


Also, I did not enable 2FA... Visible did this on their own without informing me.  Before this year, right before these two long periods of downtime, I never had to get a code via text to login.   Some people I know just got Visible accounts; they don't have to do this either.  I keep scanning the site to turn this off, but I see no option to do so.