Hope to reissue AirPods Pro to new users who have not got HomePod mini


A very sad thing. Last month I was attracted by the visible event. At that time, in addition to the 200 gift card, I also gave a homepod mini. However, when I transferred my port number to Visible and purchased an iPhone13 pro Max, the official website showed that there was no homepod mini as a gift. At that time, I thought it would be fine if there was none. But less than a week later, Visible said it was giving away AirPods pro earphones. After knowing this promotion, I asked Visible's customer service to ask if I am eligible for AirPods Pro. As a result, the customer service refused to apply for AirPods Pro qualification on the grounds that I did not purchase it after November 18. This makes me very sad, I am a new user who just transferred in.Why can't I get AirPods pro!


Novice III

I believe that since you bought it when AirPods or the Homepod Mini weren't showing up as something you would receive, you aren't eligible for the promo.