Extreme disappointment with Virtual Reward Experience


One incentive to select Visible was the Virtual Card, right? Well when I tried mine, the code didnt work. So I tried to get a solution but the card company was hard to reach so out of frustration I set aside the issue for a few months. When I got back to the problem, Visible chat seemed helpful. They gave me a new access code and I got the card. I did not realize when I got the card to work 5/29 it expired 6/30. So, I used the card 1 time for 16.38.  When I contacted visible chat they told me to take it up with the card company. I called the card company who was extremely hard to reach a real person. When I did, they were extremely rude and just said "expired" look at the website, goodbye.   So, this reflects on the card company and on visible. I am very disappointed, feel I've been ripped off. I dont have FB or Twitter, so limited ability to even communicate with Visible. Cheap phone rates are good, but basically no customer service is NOT good.


Novice II


Intermediate II

Just curious as to which card company you used so when I get my virtual card I will avoid.

Its the company they were using when Visible gave the rewards. Not sure if they are still using, but emails were from "Blackhawk Rewards". 


My advice: set up a Twitter account and try to resolve this, then delete your Twitter account. Good luck.

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