Phone that won't disable Parental Control App/Aggressive Battery Optimization?


Hello everyone!


I had a few questions.  My son was previously on straight talk and had one of the Galaxy A10's which had no issue running his parental control software.  I moved him to Visible and we got the Blade A3 Prime.  When I install his parental control app on the phone, once the screen goes off and the phone enters a rest state, it has aggressive battery optimization settings that I cannot seem to change.  It disables the PC app's permission to monitor the phone and renders it useless.  My son is autistic and having parental control software is an absolute must. I could write you a novel on our past experiences without it lol!


So, long story short, we are going to have to get a different phone, but I'm not willing to spend much more than $100.  I have no idea how to tell if a phone is going to work before I buy it because I don't know squat about phone specs to be honest lol.  Can anyone give me their opinion on perhaps the Blade A7 prime and these potential issues? Or do you think that I should maybe go with the Motorola Moto E instead just to be safe?


Thank you so much in advance for your opinions!!