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Resolved! Ordering multiple SIM cards

I assist elderly people with their tech issues in a community center and at a local YMCA. Several of them have requested my help with lowering their cell phone bills. I help set them up with Visible whenever they have compatible phones, since I'm a v...

5G down to 4G

I was sent an Orbic phone a year ago and was receiving 5G speeds, but 2 weeks ago the speed dropped down to 4G with only 1 bar showing on my phone. I've updated my software on the phone in all my apps. What's going on?

Rick_B by Novice
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Will a Samsung galaxy S 22 ultra that is unlocked and compatible with AT&T Verizon, t-Mobile, cricket, metro PC, and others work on your system? I don’t have the IEDI number because I have not yet purchased the phone.


Does Visible have any plans for adding tablets in the near future?

rb732 by Novice
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Turn Off Location Services

I sent my phone in for trade in but apparently failed to turn my location services off. How do I do this without having the phone in my possession?