Sour apple


just wanted to send a friendly chat to android users. For gods sake, keep your android, get a new one if neccessary, just dont swithch ro apple. Had ons for a few weeks now, latest, greatest, the height of simplicity.  Simple transfer of  data.

skunk terds have left a far more pleasant tast in my mouth. 
after struggling with setup, manual loading of emails , tel#s, And getting very sore thumbs from tapping on the unresponsive screen for three weeks, i decided to try snapping a photo this afrernoon, looked ok, so ill send it to my sister, by email. wrong. Bla bla bla, to do away with long boring blither from me, is anyone interested in having a group apple 15 pro shoot? We can use my back yard, byob. Please pm if interested. Oops… is that only on droids?  Still have mine, although its really fading fast. But i need to continue both bills otherwise ill loose my data when i import phone#.  Its really great apple did away with sim cards, to make it simpler, more seamless. E sim for simple. Seamless transfer. The forgot to mention that i would need a home pc, wifi, infinite patience, and some kind of psycic understanding of the virtual worm in the core. Oh, jeez, mabey i need a rotary dial up too! Why not? Ill put it on a card. By the time my financial account melt

into cyber space, they wont have many avenues to collect from, enough.

thanks for the hair loss, and the misadventures,

see you at the app slam

yours in analogue,