Visible Website - Glitches, Errors, Validation Fails - useless


In my entire life, I have never seen a more poorly programmed website.  From login , to purchase to paying of bills - you spend hours on a function that with any other company takes a fraction of a millisecond. Page transition is the slowest of any site I have seen, and its as if they NEVER checked for errors on this site. Its like an insane person programmed this. Who ever is in charge should be sued. 



I too find it very frustrating, with no customer service support and a very sketchy live chat that gets you nowhere, even my previous service (Verizon) got frustrated when he found he had no way to get a hold of a person,  when trying to help me with why my account number was being accepted. Also I'm thinking the VISIBLE24 promo is a scam because it didn't work when I signed up. It gave me a not valid when I put it in.


This is a discount service, don't expect the same website functioning as services you'll pay double or more price.