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St Louis terrible connectivity


I have had Visible since 12/2019, had iphone 6 change to iphone 7, the entire time has been terrible connectivity.  Legitimate calls to me, routinely [not all] go straight to voicemail.  People have to send me a text 'call me'.  Group calls drop at exactly 1 hour.  But they can call me, on another carrier, and it doesn't drop.  At home it will only be 1 bar, and say NO SERVICE frequently.  I am suburban St Louis, so map shows coverage.  I'm ready to drop Visible, as they have no resolution, and now I can't find anyone to talk to about issues.  Help, I'd like to stay with the low price, but no service is a deal breaker.


Intermediate III

Have you enabled wifi calling?


Yes, I've had wifi calling on from the beginning, since from day 1 there were issues.  I lasted 16 months and as of yesterday I left Visible.  Good Luck everyone.

Sorry to hear you left

Intermediate III

I was also getting problems with wifi calling and I disabled it and it is working fine. 

We miss you though. You are always welcome to rejoin. 


Not me.  People who don’t take the time to creatively solve issues are exactly the ones who are destroying the democracy that once was America.  I would bet anything that had you simply chatted with one of the many wonderful people that work with visible, you’d have found the solution.  All visible is is Verizon’s band 13(in FL).  I’m not sure if that changes anywhere in the country, but if you are complaining about visible, you are complaining about Verizon. As an attorney of 23 years, with a bachelor’s degree in business management and finance, plus a minor in economics, Visble is the best way for the high priced, most options, “Starbucks of the mobile world” to also pick up a good deal of the “straighttalk”, Walmart style, low cost leaders, as well.  The business management team at Verizon made a great call by adding Visible to the host of options.  Whether you have a giant business, with unlimited money to spend on deminimis things like cell phones, or you are a single mom with a Beacon score of 550, Verizon/Visible has figured out a way to compete for your business, which is good for everyone!  Good riddance to bad rubbish, says I.