Activation woes and frustrations


I am totally frustrated with trying to use the "upgraded SIM Card" that I ordered.

The whole process is plagued with dead ends and the chat sessions are like standing in line

for chow on an aircraft carrier.....a total waste of time!

I believe the only answer is to go back to a provider that actually answers the phone.

I hope others are not having the problems I have experienced today.  I think my party of 4 will be looking to another carrier.


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With the text and phone outages Visible has been experiencing the couple days there have been a lot of users affected by certain issues.


I saw this posted by another user and not sure if it will help in your situation but worth a shot:


Appears to be common problem.  Another Community User provided the following, which I tried and it worked!  1) Turn Off Roaming; 2) Turn Off Bluetooth; 3) Make sure phone has latest update; 4) Turn ON Airplane Mode, wait at least 30 seconds, Turn OFF Airplane Mode.  I followed these steps, status changed to VISIBLE but no bars.  As I was waiting, received message “Phone Activated” and it is now working.  Hope this helps others!  Good Luck!


Finally got issue resolved myself, by installing ESIM in my phone.