Choose your own gift card promo

Novice III


Shortly after my second months payment I got an email with a code and a link to redeem my virtual gift card.  After you click the link you put in the code and some info then they will send you another email with a tracking number saying that it is processing and will take 24-48 hours.  Because I brought my own phone I was had to do the choose your own gift card so I chose the Amazon gift card.  But I found out if you buy a phone from visible then you get the virtual MasterCard.   If you go in the visible app and go to account and scroll down it will show the promotional offers you have. 



So did everything work out? Did you get the gift card?


I too, received a virtual Master Card for $150 for the purchase of my new phone from viable. I went to the Mersch site for the accessories that I wanted to purchase (is this the right location?) and spent all but 40 cents of the $150 virtual credit card.  I went to check out and went to place the gift card code that was sent to me and said it was not recognized so I went to the next box to place the code in and said it was not valid.  What did you do that I did not do to place my order? Am I in the right location?