Don't Trade Sell your phone to Visible they're Ripping me off.


I've been on 2 different chats at over 1 hour each with Visible for $100. trade-in iPhone. They are telling me they emailed me a gift card that I still have not received. When I sent my phone in for inspection they received it 12/28/2023 and emailed me.

"Good news! We’ve received your device and inspected it. You’ll be receiving a trade-in Offer Amount of $100.00 for your device."

"What’s next?
You’ll receive your trade-in Offer Amount. Payment will be refunded to the method used to purchase your new phone within three business days."

I am expecting a refund the way I paid for it, I didn't pay with some gift card. To make it clear it's not the Chat peoples fault their job is hard enough dealing with unhappy customers. No one ever goes on chat to say Hey you're doing a Great Job. It's totally Visibles Fault for not doing what they posted. All in all very frustrated with how Visible is handling this. Will not buy another phone from Visible with a trade in. Otherwise very happy with the cell service. 



Hi @Unlucky1 - Did you ever get this sorted?

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Still waiting 😔


I’m having the same issue where they are ripping me off with a $366 e-gift card from a third party. I should have received it by 2/10.  Nothing has been received.  I’ve been ripped off! I can’t call anyone or email.  Customer service is useless!