Existing customer additional line


I currently have an iphone 14 with an esim on the basic account. Trying to add an additional line, also using an esim. While using the website I try to add another line. I choose bring my own device, ios, previous service on Verizon. It tells me that the device is compatible. Then it gives me the choice of esim or sim. I choose esim and it continues to go to visible.com/eSIM/error and gets stuck. I have tried multiple browsers and have tried to enable pop ups, etc. I have tried to use the app as well. No luck. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you!


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Are you using your same account you already have to try an order a second line? If so that will not work since Visible is only a single line per account. What you need to do is if you have another email address(or sign up for a different one with Hotmail or MSN) and use that to order a new eSIM that way. From what I have read the same form of payment can be used.