Fixing Port Out taking 10 days (RANT)

Novice III

Visible ***** somewhere, and now my phone number is in a limbo state between AT&T (new carrier) and Visible. Visible said they'd get back to me in 24 hours and started to delay by a day every morning. Then on the 5th day, I got the following mail.



This is NAME with the Visible Care team. We're reaching out to the issue you've experienced while transferring your phone number from Visible to AT&T. We want to let you know that after further investigation, our specialists adjusted a few things on our end and they reported that the issue has been resolved. The Visible account has been reactivated, so you can redo the phone number transfer process with AT&T.



But apparently, my account was still "terminated," and nothing was different. HOW CAN THEY SEND ME SUCH ABSURDITY when clearly they did nothing? Like -- what did the sender do when that person typed the email?


If they did not "push" the modification made to the production database, it would've taken couple more hours, right?


Still no news after ten days.


I am a job applicant, and now I am on the verge of missing my call with my recruiter. First, I thought ten days were enough to get things fixed, but apparently, it seems ten days are "too short" to get things fixed for visible ๐Ÿ™‚


It is, still to this day, a terrible experience, and I will never look at Visible again.


Intermediate II

I seriously feel your pain!  I finally found out why I canโ€™t change plansโ€ฆmy first iPhone had problems, and even getting help with a Visible rep, that phone could not be activated. I followed their protocols and returned the phone, and I kept checking until it showed delivered, then a day or so later I called Visible and receipt of the phone was acknowledged.  NOW, after trying to change plans since September 1, I am asked if I โ€œever got around to returning the other phone.โ€ Apparently someone missed a beat, in spite of the fact Visible notified Affirm and the loan on that phone was canceled, they have no record of me returning it.