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Visible multi factor authentication update

You’ve asked for it and now it’s here…trusted device management at Visible! Check the “trust this device” box on the MFA screen at login to reduce how often you have to sign in with the two-factor authentication on the same device. We also recommend ...

Visible eSIM App Update

Our Visible app has been updated for iOS and Android with new and improved eSIM functionality to make the eSIM to eSIM all self serviceable. Make sure you are up to date on the latest version. For a step by step on how to complete the process see our...

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Trade in estimates

I have a iPhone with 1 hairline cracked camera lens, it doesn't affect camera or the pictures, thats how small the crack is, with no other damages what so ever, which one of boxes of option would Visible say I need to check mark for trade in value es...

Mario by Novice
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Transferring to iPhone 15

I have the new iPhone 15 coming tomorrow - upgrading my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I had a lot of issues migrating my number and service from Verizon to Visible in January. The eSim would simply not work on my phone. They sent me a physical SIM and that work...

Zebra515 by Novice II
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Switching tomorrow & Questions

I have a refferal code for tomorrow's switch, but I was wondering if in the port in process switching from Mint, besides the pin and other things I have when I go to CS to port in, will they talk to mint through the imei (which is compatible) or do I...

Wrong account number error when porting in

Good morning,I am trying to port in my number from Republic Wireless. I entered the account number that is listed in the online portal, I called their support to verify if is the correct one, they gave me same account number as well, but the porting ...

Question on porting in

So I am going to transfer my number to Visible ~ but I have about 6 weeks left of my Mint Mobile year. When would be the best time to start the port in process? (this is my second iPhone 12 and it’s a Replacement) , the speaker failed in my last one,...