Getting a sim card while traveling overseas


Hi -

I live in New Zealand and am travelling to the USA on Friday.

I would like to buy sim cards using your plan for my son's phones.

I entered the IMEI number and was told it wasn't valid.

Can you help?



I assume your current phone was purchased in New Zealand? I know Visible offers a limited amount of devices that are compatible with the service and I imagine they are given a list by manufacturers (Samsung, Google, apple, etc.) of the devices (IMEIs) that are sold in the United States.  That is mostly the issue, however I am not 100% curtain..anyone want to clarify?

I have heard that phones that came up as not IMEI registered with visible were still able to get service and work normally.




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Additional information needed?

Some people tried it and it worked and for some people it didn't work it's a 50  50 

I can recommend something else that should work

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International model numbers are distinctly different than US models; however, the problem I see is getting a SIM . When ordering, the first thing you go through is the compatibility check. Having ordered a SIM kit through Best Buy, there was no compatibility check. However it was the first thing checked on activation before proceeding. Even then and despite a compatible phone, activation failed and after 11  days still no resolution. I'd say look for other alternatives given the activation issues Visible is having and no real support