Google's stopping me from joining...

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So here's my issue. I live in a condo but it doesn't show up on Google Maps. Visible can't verify my address because they use Google Maps, I guess. I've tried adding my address to Maps but Google still says they can't verify it. Visible won't sell me a phone because of the address problem. Anyone ever encounter this issue?


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I guess you can use the nearby fedex office as the pick up/ shipping  address. 

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HI Baturro,

I ran into that months ago. I was trying to have it sent and was using my laptop to access Visible. I kept getting that same error. The simple solution was to process it using my phone via the Visible APP. I hope this helps. If not, download the APP to chat with Visible support or Chat online

with visible via their website, Facebook messenger, or Twitter @visiblecare

If what I did does not work for you, have the Visible Rep escalate the call. I found my solution cause I am a problem solver by nature. I informed them of my discovery and they should have added it to their database of answers.


Best, ScottyP