Never given option to setup MFA


I got an email that said the next time I login I'd have to setup my account with One-Time Password MFA, but every time I login I don't get prompted. I never enabled biometrics and I don't have the option to add or remove trusted devices in my account.


MFA or 2FA is automatically set up when you created the account, there are no passwords that I know of and I don't think Visible has changed this. Usually a code is texted to you each time you log into your account. If you are not receiving this text from Visible(the number that Visible uses to send this text is 44398 so make sure it isn't blocked), you will need to contact Visible customer service and have them disable 2FA. They will send you an email to verify and will lift the 2FA for 24 hours.


So you don't get this code every time you need to check "trust this device" box in the lower part where you enter the code. The only way to add a new device is when you sign into that device. I log into my account on a Windows laptop using a Chrome browser and one thing I found out is if you clear the history you will have to add that device again even though it is listed in the trusted devices still.


As managing or removing trusted devices I think it can be done in the app. I use my laptop, once signed into my account, click the privacy and security tab, scroll down to account security and click view, you can see the list of trusted devices and you can remove them by checking the box. It should be in the same place or found the same way in the app.

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In addition to what @DeanKevin64 states,

Sounds like something's amiss and you probably need to contact customer care to sort it out. Might be something lost in the shuffle with recent changes.

I'm not sure how long it takes to get that email and even then there was some delay in me being prompted to setup MFA. That was a long time ago and memory fades. They delay setting up to avoid exacerbating problems when activating/porting and inability to recieve text messages that may occur.

However if not prompted with two-step verification, you won't be able to designate the device you're logging in with as a trusted device. There's a checkbox on the verification form where you enter the SMS code received to indicate the device is trusted and should skip

The web site then allows managing (specifically only removing) once trusted devices have been added.  They still need to go through adding them via the verification prompt check box if not already designated.


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Edited - accidentally double posted.

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I'm having the exact same issue. I signed up though the website and did all the steps. I have an active phone with the app, but only lets me login with password. I don't see any way to enable this and have spent hours with support with them ending the talk asking me to reach out on social media for support.


The phone works as it should (calls, text, internet, etc) but when I login to the app or onto the account from the website, there is no MFA or 2 factor. Glad to know I'm not crazy and others are seeing this too.

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I reached out to the app support team. Posting their response below for my question on the issue:


"MFA enrollment is enabled after 7 days from the date of activation.
Since you activated your line on 4/9, you should see MFA enrollment option from 4/16.

Thanks & Regards
Visible App Support"
Hopefully this works, I'll just wait and see.

Final update to this.


It took an extra day, but I received a message to enable MFA the next time I logged in. So for those in the future who see this, you'll need to wait 8 full days from activation.