New and Extremely Frustrated Customer


New customer here, am unable to send MMS messages on my Pixel 6 Pro, also am getting very slow speeds compared to a different Visible line (100+mbps vs my 5). The customer service experience thus far has been excruciating and the largest test of my patience that I can recall. Everything has for help has to be initiated in a chat. Then after repeating the same troubleshooting steps over and over I eventually get escalated and they will email me, I then get crazy suggestions like take my esim out of my phone or turn wifi texting off for mms to work. It gets even better...I cannot reply to the emails from these supposed tech people! I then have to start all over again with the chat troubleshooting. I am at wits end here and am ready to port all of my number back out.  I thought Visible as an offering had matured, but am I wrong here? These chat folks are just reading from a script with no technical troubleshooting actually taking place. 

I see lots of users in forums having issues with MMS, but no clear fixes. To me it seems like a simple reprovisioning of the line is in order and they claim that is being done, but its obviously something wrong with my line on their end. I can take my wifes sim and use it without issue in my phone to send MMS. 




If you could provide more information maybe we could help your with your 6 pro issue?  

(Quickest fix with the highest success rate).  Have you tried updating/backing up than doing a factory reset? What do you have to lose at this point?

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Additional information needed?

@HELPME first I feel your frustration.  That is the biggest issue is the CS.  If its not on the little script card they can't seem to solve it.  Now lets establish a few thinngs.  Am I correct you have an e-sim?  If so ask to receive a physical one.  Note you may be without service until you receive the physical sim.  I would ask for this Monday through Thursday before 3 PM CST.  That way it will go out that day and you should have it the next day.  If I am wrong about the e-sim let me know and we can take it from there.

Thank you for the reply. After days of troubleshooting and frustration I have cancelled service and filed a fraud claim as they refused to credit my account. Further the companies tech staff are so in capable that they can only ship sims out to existing customers by disabling existing phone service! This is utterly ridiculous and unacceptable in these modern times. I have had dozens of different carriers in a bunch of countries and this level of ignorance is a first. 


I thought Visible was ready for primetime, hence my switch. I was wrong. Have transferred all my lines back out.


I'm sorry you had this experience. This is not acceptable in my opiniooon. I hope someone from management will take notice.  I am sorry I didn't get to you until now.  Maybe I could've been more help had I seen it sooner.  My bad.

Since port-in & activation on Visible's network i have not been able to send or recieve text/sms. 

I am on day Five!!

I am unable to access email associated with account, as I can't recieve texts for 2 step google verification nor can a change that email... because I can't recieve texts! I am not exaggerating, I have had TWENTY "chats" in last FIVE days, recieved ZERO of the FOUR promised emails (which were claimed to be forwarded to different email I can access). I have recieved ONE of the THREE promised calls from "Tech Support", where they went over the same steps and questions and then told me AGAIN it would be escalated within 24 hours to Tech.... I thought this call was from Tech Support??? AND HAVE NOT HEARD BACK SINCE THAT CALL TWO DAYS AGO! So very frustrating! 1. I need text messages for contact with work and family. 2. I MUST have access to my google/Gmail account for every bank account, document, picture, etc. for work, or I cant work! Not sure what next step is, I have tried everything suggested by the 20 "chatters" and then some. 3 factory resets, 7 re-downloads of esim and 2 debugging sessions. No results. Cant seem to get a solid answer on givjng me a refund and porting back to previous carrier, just lots of "not to worrie" and "i promise" or "absolutely wills" responses that lead nowhere. I understand, there's a significant price cut on this service, but basic customer service is nonexistent and they are obviously aware of complaints and frustrations due to the fact you can NOT email, call or get through any other way but chat, which results in weightless promises or heavy "chat has ended" notification simce they dont know hiw to solve the issues. Help!!!!

Please make sure to file a complaint with the FCC.