Oculus Quest 2


Hi! My family is new to Visible and I'm trying to sort out some things. We also have a new Oculus Quest 2 and no internet service at our house since the tornado ripped up the AT&T fiber-optic cables last month. So, can someone tell me if the Quest 2 can use the Visible hotspot? We're thinking of switching all our phones to Visible (from Verizon, because it's so much more budget-friendly and because Verizon's unlimited isn't really unlimited at all).  We're also considering canceling the AT&T internet service because their customer service is so bad - no one at AT&T knows anything about anything, it seems. At any rate, I'd be interested to know if anyone else uses the Visible hotspot as their internet service and if is adequate for the Oculus and for streaming TV. (We'd have multiple phones, so multiple hotspots for the TV, laptops, Quest, etc. Anyway, we've had 1 Visible phone for 3 days, and so far we love Visible. Their people are so helpful. Thanks in advance for any info forthcoming!



Hi KYGirl,


Welcome to Visible.


My husband & I each have visible on our iphone 8's. We currently have no other internet service. We are, for now, using our iphone hotspots or tethering (phone plugged in to computer) for internet almost exclusively and have been doing so for a couple of months (I'm doing it right now). Generally speaking, we can use basic internet and email well.


We are not particular about HD streaming and therefore stream video at 360p or less. Higher settings can be possible but are more likely to run into issues. 


My daughter is part of a once-a-week Zoom class and we have found that in order to avoid choppy video she has to use Zoom directly on the phone (rather than on the computer through the phone's hotspot/tethering), then mirror her phone screen to the computer to see everything larger. 


Overall, for the price, we have been vary satisfied with visible for internet usage.


Hope this helps.


BTW, if you are not yet taking advantage of the party pay plan, you can read my post here for a simple explanation of how to go about that.