Whats the max data you have used and when should i worry ?



Hi everyone i am a power user and the internet company in my town has been out and will be for a few months at least.


I have always used a lot of data on my cell and at home by myself not counting kids and hot spot. I work from home and it uses a lot of data too.


I read on r/ ( I'm not sure its true ) about a guy that got suspended for going to 30TB.

I may use a lot nowhere near that but i want to hear that its alright to go 1-2TB without worrying.

I probably use way less like 100-500gb but you never know.

I have not tried to see how much i use cell wise because i always had home wifi also but once before i moved upstate i used 1.8TB w/cable internet in my household.


I just want to know if i should be paying attention or not because i don't want to get banned .






I would check with customer service and save the chat log for reference if needed later. 

I am not sure general users will be able to answer your question. Most of the responses will most likely be speculation. 

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