Porting recently acquired Xfinity mobile #


I did the chat and inquired whether my two month old Xfinity mobile number could be ported over to Invisible and in fact it can yay I cannot stand Xfinity Mobile customer service they are deceptive and fraudsters. My question got answered

 quickly and efficiently much appreciated. 


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I am going to point out that getting a hold of Visible customer service can be taxing at times since chat, Twitter message and Facebook messenger are the only ways to get a hold of them. If you do port in and have issues instead of chat I would recommend Facebook messenger instead. You don't have to wait for chat and the last time I used that it took 45 minutes. I have had replies in FB messenger within minutes to as much as 45 minutes but I don't have to watch the countdown and can reply at anytime(up to 6 hours one time) and get responses within a few minutes after the first contact no matter how long I have waited to respond.


If you join Visible welcome aboard!

The longest wait I’ve had on chat this week is 5-10 minutes, going from number 6 in the queue. Unfortunately, they still cannot find a way to cure my problem, but at least I’m not having dinner while I wait 😎

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I haven't tried chat in a couple months because the last time was 45 minutes before I got an agent. I found FB messenger for me was a better option. I have sent a message, got a reply within 45 minutes but I had gone to bed, 6 hours later they needed some information and totally shocked I had another response within a few minutes. last week when I inquired about the new $5 off for us legacy users I had a couple questions and had an agent within a couple minutes. Apparently maybe they finally staffed the chat service with enough agents. Now they just need to be trained better!