Sim suspended, and it’s my phones fault


So I purchased a brand new, in the box Note 10 plus a few days before Christmas. I’ve been using the phone zero issues from the day I got it. January 1st, and I wake up to not being able to make or receive phone calls, texts internet etc, even though it shows I have service, and under the settings it’s says I’m connected. 

chat with Visible and they tell me my BRAND NEW phone is blacklisted and that my sim has been suspended for security reasons… I try to explain to them it’s brand new, I’m the one that opened the box, I have the receipt from purchase, AND on top of that, when I put my daughters Visible SIM card in the phone, it works fine, same with my boyfriends Verizon SIM card… so how is it blacklisted?? 

visible wants me to pay 40.00 for a reconnection fee when I just paid mine, my daughters and sons (all on visible) phone bills a week ago. I’ve been with the company since the beginning, never had an issue till now, and needless to say unless the fee gets waived, I’m porting out. Verizon doesn’t even charge reconnect fees for something like this. I know because my boyfriend ended up with a stolen phone several years back and it locked his prepaid sim, all he had to do was call in and give them a new imei number. 

what a shame visible is going to let customers walk, when an issue isn’t their fault, and I’m holding proof in my hand if it. 



First, I would reach out to support one more time.


If that does not resolve it, then I would file an FCC complaint, unless board mods want to provide an alternate solution.