Traveling Internationally


Hello, I have Visible and I am traveling to London. I understand that Visible does not work in Europe and I need to purchase an international SIM card for service. What I need to know is whether my phone will work over airport Wifi, meaning I can buy a SIM card when I arrive in London, or if it will stop working altogether when I arrive in Europe, meaning I should purchase an international SIM card before I go on my trip.



It’s my understanding Visible should work via WiFi internationally. That’s assuming there isn’t adverse port blocking on the WiFi.

I would verify WiFi calling works fine in the States.

If you activate Wi-Fi calling in the US and you confirm it works good and you leave the SIM in the phone your gonna be able to make and receive calls/text over Wi-Fi when traveling.


Wi-Fi calling should work irrespective of where you are geographically located. 

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But you have to activate it and use it in the US then it's going to work when traveling abroad if you don't activate it in the US it's NOT going to work 

I want to reiterate the above Answer just to assist others searching on this same issue.  According to Visible Tech Support (who I just hung up with to confirm this) "as long as you have FIRST ENABLED WiFi calling while in the U.S., it will work in Europe".  So the important point is you must first turn on your WiFi Calling in the States, otherwise it will not work.  (This was 100% contrary to what the Visible CHAT rep had stated, which is why I insisted on a call back from Visible.  I also suggested to him that they re-educate their Chat people as well as add this very important distinction to their FAQ's on International Use)