Verify Identity - App will not take a photo of my license


My son is trying to get his account set up.  He is in one of the final steps. The app is asking him to take a picture of his license to verify his identity but when he clicks on "Take a photo" it does not do anything


Novice II

I can feel the pain when you are stuck on the last page or final steps. This could be a permissions problem. like due to security reasons certain apps don't allow screenshot, same could be the permissions problem.


Here is what to do -


Open Settings > Apps > Camera Apps and allow all permissions.

Also, open Settings > Apps > app where you are uploading photos and allow all permissions.


Here is the guide for app permissions Android:


Alternatively, install any other camera app on your phone and use it.


If I am still not clear, please let me know the app name.

Also contact the customer care agent, they will help you better or visit nearest store.