I have a factory unlocked oneplus 8 5g. Will i be able to text, or will i get the error " unable to send message, message blocking is enabled "


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I am guessing you are not a Visible customer yet. I am going to say if you are trying to port in or get a new number your phone will likely show as not compatible with the Visible plans. To find that out click this link https://www.visible.com/shop/compatibility 


If it is compatible you should be able to send and receive texts without error. 

I was a visible customer, and was never able to send or receive any texts. All i was told was that they could not figure out what the problem was . And NO, i was NOT trying to port a number to visible.

And when i ordered the sim card, it did show as compatible. The problem is that visible wants me to buy their bastardized phone, otherwise they wont make much money. Same phone, just theirs is crippled . a IN2015 is a IN2015, a factory unlocked IN2015 is compatible with all GSM carriers, and that does include Verizon .visible just blocks the short codes for being able to use texts. How do i know, because i had full functionality with verizon, but not visible which is NOT a wireless carrier, they are only a mvno .