Visible email said I left my own Party??

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Been with Visible for 1 1/2 years. My next bill will be $25.

I got an email from Visible a few days ago that said this:


Keep the Party alive.

Looks like Stephen left your Party, which means your new plan cost is $25/month. But that’s ok—if you join one of our larger Parties you won’t need to worry about your monthly rate going up and down.

How do you join a larger Party?

  • Go to the Party Pay tab in your account and click ‘Leave Party’.
  • Click ‘Get started’ and select one of our top 5 Parties.

Me again…   I don’t know of anyone in my Party Plan named “Stephen” but my name is Stephen.


1) Why did Visible say I left my own Party?

2) Why is Visible asking me to join another Party when my monthly bill is already as low as it can go ($25)?




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From what I have read about this as long as whatever party your in doesn't drop below 4 or 5 members on or by October 18th when Visible locks them in you will keep the discount until January when they shut it down and we have to upgrade to one of the new plans. Good luck with that, I found out my phone is not compatible that I bought from Visible last year and I can't buy a new one because it says I already have a device order in my account.

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Magentawave: "QUESTIONS:

1) Why did Visible say I left my own Party?

2) Why is Visible asking me to join another Party when my monthly bill is already as low as it can go ($25)?"

I can't answer your questions, but you might take a look at how many members are currently in your Party. Assuming that you are still in your Party and that there are plenty of members, then perhaps a chat with a Visible agent will get you some answers.

I have tried chatting and both times the wait was forever and then after waiting forever it just cut me off.

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If your party is over 4 on October 18th and you are currently paying the $25 then I wouldn't worry about it. I did try chat on Sunday and I had to wait 45 minutes and it took another 20+ minutes of chatting for a few questions. I did get one problem fixed but my other answers I was looking for were not answered. Last week I tried Facebook and Twitter and after 5 days someone finally answered on twitter today and I actually got replies to following messages right away but from 7 different users and they were all useless and I still have no answers. So good luck.

Sorry to hear that. Please post with any further news, good or bad. 

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Here is the link if you are interested.


I guess they were somewhat answered. I was frustrated and fuming at the time while posting so I don't think the Twitter messages made sense until I got similar replies on Facebook Messenger and then reread the Twitter messages then it sank in. Twitter and Facebook both leave something to be desired and having to wait 5 days for replies is absurd when it says replies within 24 hours. I was hating on them on Twitter and replying to a few others that they need to go to chat because monitor the Tweets but no one responds on the DM's and I finally got action on my messages.


The plan is really hard to beat especially when everything is unlimited and the discounts but the customer service really leaves something to be desired.