Visible is over charging us and offering no path forward!

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Perhaps someone else is experiencing this, or this will gain the attention of a Visible customer support member.  My wife is being overcharged for her first month of service.  It's supposed to be $5, but they charged her $40.  Now her account shows "suspended" even though we overpaid the first payment, and are still in our first month. We are on autopay, and payment has been drafted, so there is no reason for this.  Has anyone experienced something like this?  What's the fix?
Frustrated @ visible.



Novice II

Update:  Now I find out that I have also been overcharged and my service cancelled due to non-payment (even though payment of a higher amount was already processed).   At initial checkout, the figures were correct (along with cupons and offers) and now billing is higher.  Not great business practice VISIBLE

I would contact support to resolve this.


Visible has three ways to contact support: chat, Twitter, and Facebook.


I have had the best luck with Twitter:


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Good luck.

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