Whats the max data you have used and when should i worry ?


Hi everyone i am a power user and the internet company in my town has been out and will be for a few months at least.


I have always used a lot of data on my cell and at home by myself not counting kids and hot spot. I work from home and it uses a lot of data too.

I read on r/ ( I'm not sure its true ) about a guy that got suspended for going to 30TB.

I just want to know if i should be paying attention or not because i don't want to get banned .

Can you be banned for using 1.5TB?



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Hi billyb. I would recommend contacting Visible customer support. I’ve only been a customer for a week, but whenever I’ve reached out to them, they have immediately resolved my issue or concern. To access the chat function for customer support, just click on the ? in the app and then select chat. Sorry to hear about the internet outage in your town, but hope that it gets repaired soon for you and your family!