Why is my Tarif Algorithm set to Normal and not Gold...?

Novice III

My account has been switched to Normal Tarif from Gold for no reason throttling down all of my data to 5Mbps down and up link for my personal data. I have been waiting for a visible resolution and to hear back from the tech department but nobody gets back to me... Reference 01868665


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Hey there! The Visible Care Team can help with your data speeds and look in to your reference number. They can be reached through the Live chat feature on the website and in the app, Facebook (Visible Mobile), and Twitter (@VisibleCare).

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If you are using hotspot, then the speed is throttled to 5 Mbps as they have mentioned about this on the website too. For the phone, data speed usually varies depending upon phone model, network location and peak hours. You can ask them to re-provision the SIM which can fix the issue.