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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Starting May 25th, we will be rolling out a new referral incentive - “Give $20 off, get $20 off”. Now both you and your friend will get $20 off a month of service when they use your Friend code to sign up for Visible.


Bring a Friend Code FAQs (most recent update an Aug 6, 2022)


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So what does this mean for me?

 Any Bring a Friend credits you banked prior to May 24th will be automatically converted to $20 off credits and will auto-apply to your next month of service.
 Please see below for some additional FAQs.

Q: How do I opt-in to the Bring a Friend program? 

A: It's easy! After you sign into your account, simply go to the 'Account' tab on your Visible tab and tap on 'Get Started' to get your Friend code. On the Visible site, go to the Referrals tab and continue to 'Get Started.'

Q: What is a Bring a Friend code?

A: A Bring a Friend or Friend code is a unique code that a Visible member sends to you before you join, or that you can send to your friends before they join. If you sign up using their code, you’ll score big! Both you and your friend will get $20 off one month of Visible service! Once you sign up, you can send your own Bring a Friend code to friends and family, or honestly anyone you know—earning $20 off a month of service for you and your friend.

Q: What is a Bring a Friend credit?

A: A Bring a Friend credit is what you earn after someone signs up for Visible using your Friend code. You can send out as many Friend codes as you want, however, you’ll only be able to accumulate a total of 12 Bring a Friend credits at a time.

Q: Where do I find my Bring a Friend code?

A: You can log in to your Visible account, then access the Referral tab to find and share your Friend code.

Q: I have a Bring a Friend code, when/where do I input it?

A: There will be a box labeled "Promo/Friend code" at checkout. Just pop your Friend code in there and you’ll be all set!

Q: How do I know who has signed up using my Bring a Friend code?

A: You can track referrals right through the Visible app. Simply go to 'Account' and then tap 'Referrals.' Here you'll see the referee names and each referral status. All in one spot!

You can access the activity tracker on our web or desktop sites as well! After logging into your Visible account, go to the Referrals tab and scroll down to the Activity section. 

Q: What do I get if I sign up for Visible using a Bring a Friend code?

A: You’ll get $20 off your first month of service! Once you’re a member, you can continue the savings by sending your friend code to more friends.

Q: What happens to my Bring a Friend credits if I cancel service or let my service lapse?

A: If your Visible service lapses, your Bring a Friend credits will remain on your Visible account as long as you reactivate within 60 days. If you do not, or if you cancel your Visible service, your Bring a Friend credits will be forfeited and you will not be able to re-claim them.

Q: When can I use my Bring a Friend credits, and what can I use them on?

A: We will apply any Bring a Friend credits towards your next month’s service payment. Up to 12 Bring a Friend credits can be banked at any time, and they will be automatically applied to the next monthly service payment(s) due, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the savings.

Q: How do I know how many Bring a Friend credits I have?

A: Sign into your account and go to the Account Overview or Referral tab. Here you’ll see how many credits you’ve accumulated and how many more you can earn.


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