Get Visible or Visible+, $20 off your first month, then $20 off monthly! It's as easy as 1,2,3! 💰😎

Intermediate III

1)  If you haven’t already joined Visible, use this Bring a Friend referral code 3frfg2 when you create your account and get $20 off the first month. This link gets you started: 

2)  Bring or buy a phone. Peruse and choose available deals (virtual gift card, swap your incompatible device for a brand new one, phone upgrade). Pick your plan, either $30 Visible or $45 Visible+. Use friend code 3frfg2 at checkout. Activate with eSIM or a physical SIM card that Visible sends to you. If everything goes according to plan, your first month is $20 off! 

3)  Once your account has been activated, share your Bring a Friend code and get $20 off your next month when your Friend code is used to activate a new account. You can bank up to 12 monthly $20 credits at a time!

*And to those that have noticed, yes, I do seem to have collected a couple of copycats. In place of original thought and effort, they just cut and paste snippets from my posts. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...