Keep it simple

Intermediate II

This is how to save by following these 3 steps in sequence that have valid codes/links,


Step 1: To get your first month of service for only $5 use the following code (this is called bring a friend) so when you checkout you save $35 first month,




Referral Code: 3wGfCl  (The last letter is a lower case L)


Step 2: Once you have activated service then lock-in the $25 monthly rate using someone's link( this is called party pay)



Step 3: If you refer a new member to Visible, and the new member activates service, your next month’s all-in service costs will be reduced to $5. You can bank up to 12 referrals, so if you refer 12 new members who activate service with Visible, the all-in service costs will be reduced to $5 per month for each of the next 12 months. Learn more about the Referral Program in our Help Center::

Enjoy the discounts!