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Lower your Visible bill to $25/month


If you are looking to lower Visible bill to $25/month, come join my party line at


I recently joined Visible, here's what I did to get additional $20 promotions through Rakuten.  This is on top of current Visible promotions ($15 off first month and $100 Mastercard as of 2/19)


Just follow these steps

1) (optional) If you don't already have a Rakuten account, you can create a new account through to get $25.  If you already have Rakuten account then go to step 2


2) Go to link below to sign up Visible through Rakuten (click the Shop Now button next to Visible)

you can also use my referral code 3jnjzQ during checkout.  Rakuten will send you $20 for purchasing Visible through them.  


So if you are new to Visible and Rakuten, you can get $45 in addition to the promotions from Visible.