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Potential savings/refund of $114 in the first month when joining Visible plus a free phone with swap

Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder
1. Go to Rakuten, and sign up for an account: 
If you are new to Raketen, you will get a $30 refund, after you spend $30 or more shopping via a Rakuten link.
2. Use the link on to go to Visible's website. When you make a purchase, you will qualify for $20 back from Rakuten. 
3. When you make your purchase on Visible, I would appreciate you using my referral code: 36mt7h
4. Save $15/month on service when you join a party. Normally $40, you could be paying $25.
5. Buy this phone:
It will be free after swap. What is Swap? 
To recap:
Rakuten new member bonus with first purchase of $30 or more: $30
Rakuten commission for using the link to make a purchase on $20
Monthly savings when joining a party on $15 
Swap old phone for new phone $49
Total initial refund/savings $114
Potential total refund/savings with one year of service with Visible

From Rakuten: $50

Monthly savings from Visible ($15 x 12, $25/month for service rather than $40) $180

Swap old phone $49

Total $279

New to Visible, have questions, post them here. I have been a Visible member for a minute now, and I can share with you what worked for me and what did not.