Where is the moderator? Can't you see we have a blogger BOT among us.

Novice III

I noticed someone mention this earlier in the Chat discussion group but no action has been taken.  The BOT is still rampant.   I hope you disconnect his account.  I hope others will raise their voices.


Novice III

I have found that if you click the little circle with the down arrow in the upper right of any message, you can select Report Inappropriate Content.  This has gotten a pretty quick response from Visible in the past when I have reported inappropriate posts.


"Among us"...Who made you a representative of anyone on an online chat? If you have a problem with freedom of speech then get a real life offline...This is a free open forum and it's free of cancel culture. It's solely owned by VISIBLE not you or anyone else. 

By repeatedly posting, you are disregarding the Community Guidelines and are clearly in violation of the Terms and Conditions, specifically: "You agree not to... Flood, such as excessive posting or padding posts".  I suggest you discontinue your practice of repeated postings or risk your account being disabled.

Thank you for your support and finding the Terms and Conditions statement about bad behavior. 

Sadly, it did not stop him from spamming the board to death.  I hope Community readers realize that:

  1. His group is NOT endorsed by Visible,
  2. Visible can change their pricing at any time, so the rate is not "guaranteed", and
  3. If the creator of a Party ends their Visible service, or if they are kicked off the service, the Party they created is dissolved and all the members pay the full rate (currently $40/month).  Judging by this user's behavior, his getting kicked off the service is not out of the question.

All good points.  His bad behavior is ruining a good thing. Let's see what happens now.

I was contacted by a Moderator who is working on this issue.  Visible cares about us.