You want a Visible phone and service. Let me show you how to save $390 in your first year


First you will want to use this link and set up a Rakuten account:


$30 - Rebate when you sign up for Rakuten & spend $30




$15 - After signing up for Rakuten, use the Visible link to make your purchase on the Visible website:




$20 - Savings when you use my referral link to join Visible 




$20 - Savings each month when someone uses your referral code to join Visible




The Orbic Joy phone that sells for $80 is available for free after swapping an old phone:


Or get the TCL 30 LE for free after swapping, a $105 phone:


Let's do the math


Join Rakuten: $30


Make purchase on via the Rakuten link: $15


Combined savings for Party Pay & referrals: $20 x 12 = $240


Swap an old phone for an Orbic or TCL, get a free phone.


Total rebates and savings in the first year: With the Orbic phone $365, with the TCL phone $390.


Net cash spent:


If you join the Visible plan: 12 months x (Service $25-Less $20 referral)=$60


Cost of the phone =$0


Less rebates from Rakuten: $45


Net out of pocket for one year of service: $15


That averages out to for the year $15/12 months = $1.25/month  


Realistically, you may not find a person every month that will use your referral code, so YMMV. I did the math to show you what a great value Visible service is, and why you should sign up today.


I have shown you how to get service and a brand new phone for $1.25/month or $15 for the entire year.


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