Community Manager
Community Manager

Our members love to discuss Visible's plans, perks and most of all, devices.

Now you can join the conversation and mention our products by using a hashtag and 3 or more letters to search our phones and wearables selection in Community or typing under Associated Products when creating a post.


Use this feature to review devices and hyperlink them in a forum post.  This helps our new and existing community members find information specific to the make and model they want to learn more about. 

Just in time for the latest from Apple on Visible with the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

We also launched an FAQ section to be a knowledge base for you to explore and rate. If the article is helpful you can give kudos and or rate it with a "Yes". But, if you didn't think the article addressed your questions you can also click on "No" as not helpful. 


This feedback tells the Community how to find the best articles and allows us here at Visible to fix those articles that may not be addressing all your questions.

We love to hear more from our community so don't forget to see our Feedback section. There are many ideas we are looking at to continue building Visible with the member experience in mind.

Post an idea of your own and also vote for your favorites. 💡 

What do you think about some of these latest updates ? Let's us know in the comments!