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now what?

How do I know how many partiers are there in a group? I can't tell. Pls help the noob 

oh i get it!

So I join a group or a "party" to get that discount! Got it! Who's available?

Hi from the UK - general questions please.

Hi, I'm from the UK and we will be visiting the north-west states for 7 weeks later this year. I will need a data connection to get around, and possibly to watch some TV - but that is optional. It's difficult at this distance to sort things out, and ...

Is Visible only for Grandpa?

So I've given Visible a couple of chances already, maybe 3, but it seems that after a while I seem to forget how incredibly slow their data speeds are and go another time. With speeds frequently going below 1 Mbps I am starting to wonder who are Visi...