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PLEASE let us activate Apple Watches outside our Visible billing date. If you miss it by one day, you have to try and patiently wait an entire month to try again. This is also not obvious at all. You just see that "Set up cellular" is grayed out in the Apple Watch IOS app for your watch. We are trying to pay Visible for service, so please let us and not get frustrated waiting.

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I agree this is out dated.  It reminds me in the old days with Sprint you couldn't activate a new phone accept on your do date.  I had a friend who broke her phone in the middle of the cycle I had paid for mine in full didn't like them and sold it to her they wouldn't let her activate it.  I asked what the he** is a customer to do go with out a phone for 29 days if it goes one day after the bill is do.  So we are supposed to go without our apple watches for a month or 29 days because we missed the date?  Come on Visible.