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Part and full-time support techs are needed. Why not post work from home Visible Chat  Techs right here in the community? Where better to find qualified users without publicly posting openings?



Visible Support Ideas:

•Obviously Support Chat Queue is overwhelmed regardless of time of day or day of the week


•Support is the core of acquiring new clients, especially when prospective clients are debating which carrier to choose or and/or transfer to.


•Visible Support Chat is going to be its downfall across the internet, if a competent Support Supervisor or Manager is appointed soon.


•It’s just a matter of time before users who are fed up with the Chat Support only option, post their upsetting reviews about Visible. These reviews won’t be recoverable on social media, blogs, and forums globally.


•I have personally promoted  Visible and the No.1 question I’ve received “I live alone and I prefer to speak to someone on the phone of I have trouble “. I quelled   their concern, however senior citizens especially where I am from, are difficult to persuade otherwise.


•Support is not unified. As far as I can tell, there are no SOPs, chat guidelines, or quality checks.

-I’ve had 7-10 Chat sessions and each one had different naming conventions, typing macros, and technical ability. It’s not professional and this will also cause a loss of prospective new clients due to poor forums and other reviews. My last Support Tech’s screen name was “Diamond”!

-Chat applet is buggy, antiquated , in need of functions past Y2K


•This forum is not configured correctly. It's not the worst I've see, but needs a lot of work