Novice III
Status: New

It is apparent that every day, whether it's on this community, the Visible subreddit, or social media, a certain subset of members experience an abrupt loss of service. Subscribers are greeted with "We're sorry, the number you dialed has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of this call. Announcement 803" and the subscriber cannot place calls (although cellular data and text messaging work).


The immediate resolution to this issue is to reprovision the SIM. However, why is it occurring this frequently? What if loved ones or important contacts are trying to reach a contact in case of an emergency? The Visible subscriber who is encountering this random issue would have no idea until they communicate with an alternate platform or try to place a call themselves. Whether this issue is small or large, I really hope the team discovers a fix for this issue because it has existed for a long time and individuals could potentially lose trust in the service because of this instability.


I feel like this is not feedback and should be addressed behind to scenes to ensure a high level of quality of service to the subscribers.