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How about adding tablets? In an ideal world, they’d be half the price of cell phone service. 


I really need a plan for my iPad mini6. Please provide some tablet plans!!!


We all want a tablet plan!🙌👏


Yes!  Tablet plan - even if not unlimited!  It would be nice to have all cellular services under one roof!


Please!  Yes, yes, yes!  Even if not unlimited, a tablet plan for iPad would make life so much simpler.  All cellular services under one roof!  Please! 


Add one more request for tablet plans!


Yes! A data only plan for a tablet would be *excellent*!!!


Pleeeeeeease!!! Do make an iPad plan! That would be so so so great!!!


+1 for non-phone devices (tablet, wearable, etc). 

+1 for multiple devices on a single account

-1 for any device not being unlimited data. Best Pro for Visible service is one plan level, being unlimited for all


Not being able to add a tablet to the plan is the only thing keeping us from joining visible. Our child uses the tablet for therapy and is  very important tool for us. 


Why not add a tablet option? Let's say I have 3 people on my party pay (treat it for a moment like a traditional family plan from a major carrier) for 90 dollars for 3 lines. I'd be completely willing [and eager] to pay an extra 10 dollars to add data only for my iPad. Just enable it to be another unlimited line. The fact that the tablet itself would limit talk & text should be nearly irrelevant. I'd say that doesn't add any complexity at all for non-tablet customers, and most tablet users are savvy enough to understand that trade-off.

Two More Business Cases (for the market analysts):

  • 1 phone + 1 tablet = $35 x2 [assuming you're going solo on the party pay] = $70 [a little pricey, but still beats most big-box carriers]: the customer wins because it's still way under the over $100 Verizon or T-mobile would charge for the same deal, and Visibile wins because it gets the revenue of an additional full line for only an increase in data bandwidth.
  • Two turtle doves buy a tablet: 2 phone lines + 1 tablet = 30x3 = $90 [again assuming they are in their own party pay group for whatever reason, that's equivalent of the two phone lines for a total of $70 and the tablet added for $20]: Last I checked 20 dollars was about the minimum you'd expect to pay for an unlimited data tablet add on at a major carrier, so someone with two phone lines that's happy with Visible's service should be fine with that arrangement, and since Visible has set the floor price for unlimited talk+text+data for a phone line at $25, 3 lines (one of which is data only) for $90 should still be a win for them.

Sorry for the long-winded post; it's the occupational hazard of being a data analyst...