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How about adding tablets? In an ideal world, they’d be half the price of cell phone service. 


I would also like to see a tablet plan or tablet add-on.

Novice II

This would be a great idea. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Pro with an M-series chip in it someday, and I'd love for Visible to be tablet-ready for when I get it.


I would sign up for it on the same day that I heard about it. Is it just me, or is it just common sense to make that offer?

Novice II

Visible's tech assistance (customer service) needs a lot more training. We the customers (paying people) need to know you are helping us to resolve issues, what we experience is extreme frustration, this causes us to cancel our service and go to another carrier. Does this make sense to you, Visible?


Issue started from 1st day of service. I spent over 72 hours on chat over a period of 9 days, only to be asked the same questions ad-infinitum, without a result.  Asked multiple times to please ask tech support call me, after 9 days I finally received a call, only to be asked the same questions all over again. Still, NO Resolution.


Visible, your people need support to make your business be a truly exceptional experience for your customers.


A tablet plan would be awesome, would also be awesome if it could share the same number as your phone