Novice II
Status: New

I was fairly satisfied with the quality/speed of visible until I was threatened that if I did not upgrade I would lose service. Thats when the speed went down. Ive had several other seperate issues but was reading the hype about how if I "upgrade" to the new "faster network" things would be great. After spending money outside my budget to purchase a new phone because "your device is not compatable" I expected normal speed to resume. I was wrong. Its worse than at any time. I can not even watch a video on any site without being paused to buffer. Its so slow I can not even navigate a website without waiting on every click and the timing causes a major malfunction which becomes very irritating to the point I am just going to switch to another provider that may be slow also but at least they dont lie to me about it by hyping the speed etc. Even the visible sight has been sloppy and slow since I first started this service. I can not see this company in business long term with lousy service. Im just done with this very low quality service that I pay hard earned dollars to keep up and have to waste time trying to speak with someone about these issues. I cant reccomend this to anyone as it is low quality and not worth the hassle to deal with. Good riddance to low quality service. Cant use normal words here? You guys should be ashamed. I wont miss it