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Small 2 or 3G of high speed data before throttling. And only data used on cellular not to include data use through WiFi. 

I'd be willing to pay say $30 for party pay if it included just 2 or 3 gig of high speed data before the throttling started.

There see? There's my Wish List item.

Intermediate III

Have you checked Visible's new plans. Visible plan for $30 (no premium data) and Visible+ for $45 (premium data).

I think that should satisfy your needs of high speed data.


Also note that data consumed over Wi-Fi/ Home Internet/ Broadband is independent of the cellular data through Visible.


Do you mean Wi-Fi hotspot from Visible wireless data?


I'm waiting what people on the $45 plan get (on LTE not 5G) before I alomst double my plan price. I haven't heard of anyone or seen any youtube videos of anyone testing before (Legacy plan)  and after ($45 plan) LTE speeds.