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For change in personal information (address, email address, payment information) send a temporary code to email address registered. This adds another layer of protection from hackers/ scammers.


Also two factor authentication could be included for login in web browser on laptops.

Mobile apps are secure with biometric authentication. So it cannot be accessed without the consent of the account owner in most cases.


Hope Visible takes step in fixing this major vulnerability. Until then 🙂

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Agreed, our accounts need 2FA for added security.

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Agreed, however, to expand on this, I think users should have the option to enable MFA and there must be a requirement to use an app or e-mail and not a cell number as that will create a problem if they use their Visible number.


Edit: This request is a duplicate of 10470 and should be merged.


MFA is a mandatory security feature!! Plenty of services out there that will help you add MFA to your account system. It shouldn't be possible for a single data leak to expose the cell phone accounts of millions of people. Imagine if our UN/PW combos got leaked. No recourse! But, if we have MFA then the hacker needs our phones with their authentication apps within arms reach to approve login requests. I seriously might have to cancel my service if I can't secure my account login.

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I am not asking for MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) using Authenticator apps. We already gave our email to sign up with visible. So a 5 or 6 digit random code like one time authorization code, when ever we want to terminate the account or modify some personal information is what i requested. So i believe it is not a duplicate of the other idea.

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